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The Library of the Chamber of Deputies was founded in 1848 as a support office of the Subalpine Parliament. Since its foundation, the Library has consistently contributed to parliamentary work through document collection and preparation, by which means it has gradually built itself into an important reference library containing around 1.4 million books, 1,800 current periodicals, and more than one hundred databases.

The Library specializes in law, history, economics, political science and the history of political institutions. It concerns itself with the collection of legislative documents and parliamentary records from Italy and many other countries. The archives also contain large collections relating to other disciplines, as well as valuable antique volumes and publications by public and private bodies.
Since 1988, this wealth of published material has been available for consultation by members of the public who, at absolutely no charge, may use the Library's bibliographical and archive resources and avail themselves also of the research facilities that the Library has developed and refined.

With ties to national and international research institutions, and, since 2007, closely integrated with the Library of the Senate as part of the project for the creation of a Joint Parliamentary Library, the Chamber's Library is now one of the country's leading centres for political and juridical studies.



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