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Digitalized parliamentary records

The Chamber's Library is scientifically responsible for the project that aims to post on the web all the parliamentary records of the Chamber of Deputies from 1848 to 1996, when the website was set up, as well as the records of the Constituent Assembly and the joint session of Parliament.

Not only will this provide access to documentation that can be downloaded by citizens and researchers, but it will also preserve the print copies housed in the Library.

Through the Historical Portal of the Chamber of deputies, you can access all the documents published until now, as well as other digital materials.

From the Previous Parliaments section you can access, separately, the records of the Costituent Assembly and those of each Republican Chamber of deputies prior to the current one. In addition to the official documents in image format, the system is enhanced with other in-built browsing functions, like those set up for the records of the current parliament, integrated into specific search engines.

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