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Luce-Chamber Portal

This portal was set up by the Historical Archives of the Istituto Luce in collaboration with the Chamber's Library

The portal allows access to all the photographs and audiovisual archives of the Istituto Luce related to the Chamber of Deputies and, generally speaking, the history of Italian politics from the 1920s to the early 1990s. Furthermore, about 14,000 video clips and 20,000 photographs can be browsed freely. The portal content is divided into various sections:

  • - Primo piano (Close-up) is updated periodically and comprises video clips on specific topics, generally selected to mark particular anniversaries and events;
  • - Percorsi, thematic itineraries that contain a selection of documents relating to main characters, places and periods associated with politics;
  • - The section I Presidenti della Camera nell'archivio Luce (The Presidents of the Chamber in the Luce archives) contains archive material from 1919 to 1994 (the last President is Giorgio Napolitano), that provides a complete profile of the various figures not limited to their term of office as Presidents.
  • - Focus, collections of images or video clips of particular interest.

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