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Institutions, public authorities and citizens not resident in Rome may request information by contacting:

The Office for Information and Public Relations

by post: Via del Seminario, 76 - 00186 Rome

by phone: 06-6760-3672 / 3254

by fax: 06-678-6886

through the website: online form

The Remote Information Service offers:

  • - information on the Library's holdings and services;
  • - assistance in consulting online catalogues and the Chamber of Deputies' databases;
  • - assistance in researching Italian legislative documents and parliamentary records;
  • - biographical and bibliographic information regarding Members of Parliament;
  • - bibliographic information relating to the areas of specialization of the Library.

The service does not provide:

  • - bibliographies for the preparation of examinations, dissertations and public competitions;
  • - publications as gifts;
  • - publications on loan;
  • - legal advice.

The response time of the Information Service depends on the type of research required, as well as the number of outstanding requests. Generally, the Service will provide an answer within one week of receiving a request.
The service is not available in August, when the Library is closed to the general public.

The reproduction of texts is done in compliance with current copyright law and texts will preferably be delivered in electronic format. The Library does not supply texts that are available for free from parliamentary or other websites.

  • - Public authorities and institutions (constitutional bodies, judicial authorities, central and local governments, libraries, etc..) may, for institutional purposes and at no charge, ask the Service to carry out research into legislative collections and parliamentary documents, comparative and EU law, and into doctrines in the areas of discipline covered by the Library.
  • - The delivery of texts to individuals is restricted to parliamentary publications and to those publications that are not available in other libraries, and is a facility provided only for people not resident in Rome. Reproduction of texts is free for the first 50 pages; a charge of €0.05 per page or per scan is applied thereafter. If the library already has the texts in electronic format, they are provided at no charge.