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Visits to the Library

The Library of the Chamber of Deputies organizes guided tours of its premises, so that visitors can have access to the magnificent and historical rooms of the Library and to the collections and research tools.
Please contact for reservations.
Group tours can be arranged for schools, universities, corporations and associations. Please specify the number of persons in the group and the date desired. School groups are restricted to classes attending the third year of secondary school and above.

Library tours are part of the cultural programme called "Insula sapientiae" that was launched in 2007 and opens up the entire Dominican complex revolving round the Church of S. Maria sopra Minerva to visitors. Today this building houses the Library of the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate Library, the Dominican Monastery of S. Maria sopra Minerva and the Biblioteca Casanatense.

Students taking part in the initiative Giornata di formazione a Montecitorio (A training day at Montecitorio) spend a whole afternoon in the Library "hands on" and are taught how to use the research tools to browse and retrieve legal, historic and economic documents.